Tim Lawrence

Actor @ Tim Lawrence

Studio artist Tim Lawrence worked in Hollywood Special FX for over 25 years where he designed, fabricated and performed fantasy characters. As an actor he was an original Thriller zombie (‘Tor’) and Nunzio Scoleri in Ghostbusters 2. He also performed on Starman’s Star Baby, Harry and the Hendersons’ Bigfoot, a Ghostbusters Terror Dog, Caddyshack 2’s gopher, Apocalypto’s howler monkeys and for Gremlins 2 he was lead performer on Mohawk & the Brain Gremlin. He also did the two stop-motion replacement animation transformations (‘Adam’ and ‘Barbara’) for Beetlejuice.

Mr. Lawrence began working in Hollywood fabrication in the early 80s in places like the Rick Baker Studio, the Stan Winston Studio and Lucasfilm where he supervised the ILM Creature Shop for Ghostbusters 2. For his work there he was submitted for an Academy Award. For Jurassic Park he worked in the Amblin story bungalow on the Universal lot with Steven Spielberg for six weeks where, as part of the design team, he made some of the first Visual Development sculpts of the T-Rex.

He has since worked in the Story Departments of Warner Brothers, Sony, Vanguard and Dreamworks where, as a member of the design team, he made some of the first Visual Development sculpts for Shrek.

He is now building a not-for-profit company called Conservation Arts (ConservationArts.net) where he works with live zoo animals and the visually impaired to create bronze art so people can see the animals with their hands.