Mark Bryan Wilson

Actor @ Mark Bryan Wilson

Mark Bryan Wilson is a Puppeteer and Creature Actor who has spent over 30 years in the film industry where he is best known for his unique ability to bring inanimate characters to life. He made his most memorable contribution in the film arena, by stepping into the character suit of the green ghost known as “Slimer,” in the original hit GHOSTBUSTERS, where he acted opposite Dan Aykroyd, and ‘slimed Bill Murray. He was lead puppeteer on Daffy, in GREMLINS 2 for Joe Dante. He has also worked on such notable projects as; BEETLEJUICE for Tim Burton where Mark was part of the team that performed Harry the Shrunken Headed Hunter, and TEAM AMERICA for Trey Parker where Mark was the lead puppet maker and performer of the Cairo street camels. Mark created and performed the glowing Tinker Bell marionette for Steven Spielberg’s HOOK, and Mark is a zombie in Michael Jackson’s rock horror music video THRILLER, directed by John Landis. These are only a few of Mark’s credits.

Born and raised in Southern California, near many of the famous studios of the Hollywood film industry, Mark Bryan Wilson was captivated by movie monsters and puppets at an early age.  Wanting to know more about the creation and the workings of these characters, Mark found old puppetry books from the library, and the then current magazines, like Famous Monsters and Starlog, which brought him into the magical realm of puppet and creature building for film, and the puppeteers that brought them to life on the the stage and screen. Soon Mark was creating and animating his own puppets and monsters. By his early 20’s Mark was working steadily in the puppet making and creature effects shops in and around Los Angeles. This specialized training gave Mark a unique opportunity to develop and master his skill and knowledge in both puppet fabrication and character performance.

Mark continues to work bringing characters to life for today’s top film makers. Most recently, Mark was called to bring his performance skills to set for Sam Koji Hale’s, Yamasong; March of the Hollows. This all puppet feature is now in post production, scheduled for release late in 2016.