Rules and regulations


By purchasing this ticket you agree to be bound to the terms and conditions specified herein and any other provision as may be specified from time to time by the promotor or the venue.

Entertainment Expo May conduct a security search to ensure the safety of the visitors and the guests.


Visitors with Illegal narcotics will be refused or evicted from the venue.


Visitors with Offensive weapons or items that could be used as a weapon and are not permitted by the Dutch laws will be refused to enter the venue or evicted from the venue and reported to the police.


Entertainment Expo and the venue owner reserve the right without refund or compensation to refuse admission/evict any person(s) whose conduct is considered to be disorderly or inappropriate.


If you wish to exit the venue during the event and then want to reenter the venue you must be wearing a wristband issued to you at your arrival.

Reentry will be refused without a valid wristband.

Entertainment Expo reserves the right to amend or make alterations to the published details and prices of the event as necessary, without being obliged to refund of monies or exchange tickets.


If for any reason a guest fails to complete contractual obligations through no fault of Entertainment Expo then Entertainment Expo will not be liable for refunds or a monetary value of any other compensation. Any compensation done by Entertainment Expo will be done out of goodwill.


Entertainment Expo will publish in advance and announce during the event all photoshoot times

If by any change you miss that timetable we will look if it’s possible to put you in another timeslot

Out of goodwill but if there is no possibility Entertainment Expo will not be liable or refund any monies.


Entertainment Expo May add, withdraw or substitute artists or change timetables during the event.


By entering the venue you give your express consent to be photographed/filmed or sound recorded as part of the audience.


Customers shall observe and comply with all instructions and requests of Entertainment Expo the venue owner or the agent of the guests whose decisions shall be final in all matters.


Any breach of regulations and conditions of use may result in removal of offenders from the venue
and no refund shall be paid to such a persons.


If you experience any problems in the venue please contact a member of staff so that the issue can be resolved prior to or during the event.


Entertainment Expo, the venue holder or the guests shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage to any person (including you) or property.
Nor are we liable for complaints, claims, refunds or exchange for any reason.

Bookings fees and handling fees are non-refundable since they are done by a outside contractor.

Any refunds done by Entertainment Expo done out of goodwill.


-Sexual misconduct will not be tolerated in any way or form towards the visitors, guest or members

of the Entertainment Expo crew.


A valid ticket must be produced on arrival of the event to be scanned prior to admittance.

Tickets are valid for one admission only per ticket. Any duplicated E-ticket will be rejected by the ticket scanners and access to the event will not be granted.


Entertainment Expo will not replace any lost, stolen or duplicated tickets. Keep your ticket safe and do not share your ticket details with any third party.


Entry will be refused if tickets have been found to be tampered, counterfeited, and/or not purchased form the authorized point of sale.

Tickets must not be sold or resold without the permission of Entertainment Expo.

Beware of false or forgeries tickets!


Tokens and tickets will be the currency during the event to purchase your photoshoot ticket or pay for your autograph. Cash registers will be located on the venue to exchange monies for tokens

Tokens are non-refundable after purchase.


We hope to see you June 22&23 2019 at the Entertainment Expo

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